Natwest recently partnered with Free agent to Launch an online accounting/book keeping software.

What does it do?

It helps you manage your finances, track income and expenses.

It links directly with your bank account

You can work with your accountant

Invoicing amongst so much more.

Why use an accounting software?

It’s easy to follow cash flow and produce forecasts.

Done are the days of DIY excel spreadsheet, that can get messed up with a simple mistake.

You can calculate your taxes

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Other online book keeping systems

Sage, Xero, Waveapps, Quickbook, Zoho

Natwest amongst other banks have free business banking for new businesses. Although there is a limit to how long the free period can last, it’s great for a new business/freelancer finding their feet in their chosen industries.

So take advantage of the free trial period while it lasts!

It appears that the entrepreneurial trend is still on the rise without any signs of stopping or slowing down in development, Not surprisingly larger corporations have also found it beneficial to utilise and support freelancers, self-employed and new businesses.

Here’s a little secret; larger corporations usually start supporting new trends in a massive way when the trend is only ready on it’s way (somewhere between 30-50% up towards its peak).

This move by NatWest is an indication the trend for entrepreneurship, freelancers and small businesses is definitely growing. Therefore Natwest is attempting to support these new businesses by creating a user friendly platform for the business savvy to access their free book keeping software and ideally become/continue banking with a bank that supports them.

What part will you play in the growth and development of the business world? I know you have much to offer! Let us know when you come to our startup boot camp and we will do our best to support you on your entrepreneurial journey.