start up consutling

In this consultation we will discuss your idea, considering your experience and what you want to achieve. You will leave the consultation with clarity on your idea, a concept and a bespoke plan of how to move forward.

We fully understand what it’s like to have an idea and not know how to develop it into a business.

With so many resources, tips and tricks on how to start a business, it can be overwhelming and disheartening. You may even suffer from “information overload”!

It’s time to clear your browsers of all the unread articles, let of all the books you promised yourself you would read, but didn’t have time.


Idea to concept

Having an idea is great and exciting! The best ideas without execution results in nothing, a half heart executed idea is worth smoething and a well thought out and executed idea will birth fantastic results!

We take a lot into consideration when deveiopomg your idea. We will discuss and discover; who you are selling to, how you will sell it, why they should buy from you and how you will find the people who want and need your services or product.

We will go through exercise to help you decide on what aspects of your idea you can start implementing immediately. You will leave the session with a blue print of your future business.


Success road map

You’ve heard the saying “fail to plan, plan to fail”.

Businesses fail for many reason, one common reason is lack of clarity. Lack of clarity in how to the business will be marketed, financing and accounts and even lack of clarity in the purpose of the business and even the goal.

Truly when businesses fail, there is a commonality across many aspects of the business and it comes down to having clarity.

We will built a bespoke success road map that works for you. We have developed a framework that helps you put your goals into perspective. You will see how possible it is to pull it off.

Having a success roadmap is all about knowing what to do on every step of the journey. From deadlines to people you will need on your journey. At the end of this session – clarity will be an understatement!


Our aim is not to give you lots of information, head aches or “things to think about”. We are about planning, executing and launching. All of our programmes are designed for action to be taken.

We will guide you through the start up process and hold you accountable.