2020 retired all concepts of normality in our daily lives and introduced a new way of living for everyone, otherwise known as the “new normal”. Living in a new normal presents us with many new challenges but it also gives us new demands, which means that there are new opportunities to supply your products and services. Here are 5 avenues that you should consider going down in business in 2021.


Financial Advisor 

2020 saw the closure of businesses and organisations worldwide and as such, left many people in the red. Both individuals and businesses were hit by the pandemic and are in need of information on how to bounce back, so if you are a financial expert or have a story of your own of how you bounced back from debt or successfully managed the pandemic, you may want to look into financial consulting.


Social Media Marketing Agency (…or anything social media honestly!)

Many businesses found themselves at a loss last year because they didn’t have an online presence. E-commerce is the new high street and many businesses have not yet made the most of it or simply don’t know how to. Nonetheless, online marketing is essential for business success, meaning that starting a social media marketing agency could be an increasingly lucrative option for you if you have the marketing know-how.



In the same vein as social media marketing, copywriting is a great option if you have a background in marketing or know how to tell a story. With businesses moving mostly online, there is a growing demand for great copy. Whether it be for business websites and social media platforms or individual CVs and LinkedIn profiles, people are looking to sell themselves and their products and they need your help to do it. 


Online Teaching  

Global lockdowns have affected everybody, including students. The disruption to education has had a major impact on students’ academic success and many children will need extra support to supplement their efforts (and those of their parents) in the next school year. Online teaching and tutoring services afford you the choice of working on a variety of subjects and clientele or focusing on a specific area according to your own knowledge and also gives back to a much-needed community. 


App Developer 

The life of any consumer can be found in their hand – their smartphone. It’s undeniable that the digital world has quickly dominated most aspects of our daily activity and as such, app developers are being increasingly sought after. Businesses desire to be wherever their customers are and that starts on their home screens, so if you have tech experience, now would be a great time to break into the industry as an app developer.  


While the idea of a new normal may seem unpredictable, there is a great opportunity for you to transform your year and your life. If you’re hesitant to start your business this year, think about what your life would look like in a year if you went for it. Even if your business idea is not on this list, it can still be the solution to somebody’s problems, so take action.