On Saturday 24th of June Launch Seven ran their first “Start a Business in 7 days” workshop of 2017 at the Cowork Hub in North Acton.

The event was well attended by budding entrepreneurs and inspired individuals who were ready to take their business or unique business idea to the next level.

Over the course of one day there were several speakers who presented workshops on Business Canvas Planning (Luana from Make Happy Marketing), Growth marketing and Sales (Jermaine Edwards), Financial Planning and Investment (Matteo Turi from T&S Services) and Creating a Trademark of your Brand ( Roy McEwen AMT Sybex).

There was a variable mix of business ideas and entrepreneurs in attendance with each individual at different stages of their business journey. Some of the attendees included a final year university student who wanted to start a niche lingerie business, an established business woman who was already running her own walking tour company and a business man who had been researching the start of a childcare business and was putting together a proposal to present to business investors.

To wrap up the day of business workshops a group discussion was offered on how each of the business individuals in attendance could quantify the amounts of their services fees and charges. ( How Much Should I Charge For My Service Or Product?)

By the end of the day each of the entrepreneurs networked and discussed their idea with the speakers for further business mentorship and business contacts to achieve the next step in each of their business journeys.

Launch Seven has followed up with the attendees from their June event and have gained the following testimonials.

Joanna – “ The workshops were very motivating, you could see there were people in the know who were ready to assist someone like me who has never ran a business before.. from attending this workshop, I have changed the way I think when approaching my business.”

Shamila – The workshops were really good, I got a lot of information about starting a business, I would definitely recommend a variety of business people attend as there was a presenter for everyone specialising in each workshop subject which definitely helps.”